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FUT Hair Transplant

FUT is an old technique used  for Hair restoration also known as gold standard method. FUT is a technique in which grafts are taken from back of scalp in the form of a strip that is why it is also called strip method. The size of the removed strip is decided upon skin flexibility and how much area of the head is needed to be covered. Grafts are separated by experts from the strip and are transplanted to the thinning/bald area.
Patients requiring more than 2 sessions, less concerned with donor area scar and can tolerate a little discomfort after surgery for a couple of days are suitable for FUT hair transplant.
Two or three sessions of FUT followed by FUE can give much denser result than 2 sessions of FUE alone. So, those people who wants dense result and are willing to go for more than 3 sessions to achieve maximum density they should opt for FUT initially. They should also opt for FUT initially as it would preserve their donor area for further sessions. Patients who are willing to undergo hair transplant surgery at very young age, they may require more sessions then they should also opt for FUT as it would preserve their donor area for further sessions.

FUT technique
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