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Hair Plus International, Pakistan’s #1 Hair Transplant Center

Expertise. Mastery. Innovation. Is what makes up our DNA.

At Hair Plus International, our qualified team of doctors carry over 22 years of experience, specializing exclusively in surgical hair restoration, FUE Hair Transplant, eyebrow transplant, PRP treatment for hair loss, beard transplant and mustache restoration. We use cutting edge technology and innovative techniques of hair restoration to help our clients achieve undetectable, natural-looking results.

Best Hair Transplant Clinic -What Makes Hair Plus International Everyone’s First Choice?

For over 2 decades, our qualified team of doctors including Dr. Nasir Hayat Khan, Dr. Fawad Amir Mirza, Dr. Mahnoor Tahir, and Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed have transformed the lives of over 400,000 clients from all over Pakistan and over 30 other countries.

We take pride in being recognized worldwide for our work — and the natural-appearing results — our doctors achieve. Rather than subscribing to formulaic ideas of hair restoration, our team has been trained to identify and combine their technical knowledge with an artistic eye, developing a deep understanding of how to make our clients look their best, specifically applied to hairlines, beards, and eyebrows.

Our hair transplant centers in Peshawar and Rawalpindi are known to offer the best comprehensive treatment options for men and women struggling with hair loss. We combine surgical proficiency with state-of-the-art technology to develop an individualized plan for people of varying ages, hair types and skin types.

We strongly believe that behind every successful Hair Transplant Surgery is a well-trained and highly skilled team. From extracting hair grafts to microscopically dissecting them, our team uses cutting-edge technology and follow strict quality benchmarks to deliver an unmatched service and results that have proven to be effective.

If you are interested in bringing your lost hair back to life, help is just a call away. Visit the contact section on our website to connect with our team today.

Top Five Reasons to Choose Hair Plus International

If you’re looking for a reliable hair transplantation company in the Pakistan, there’s a number of reasons why you can trust Hair Transplant Clinics:

Qualified team of
Undetectable, natural
looking results
FREE Online and
in-person consultation
& accessible
Not sure if FUE Hair Transplant is the right procedure for you? Our experts
can help you figure that out.

Good Feelings Are Mutual

At Hair Plus International, we put our clients at the heart of everything we do. Our procedures are designed to ensure your maximum comfort. From initial consultation to post-op visits, we stand by your side throughout your hair restoration journey.

Join thousands of men and women who have come to Hair Plus International in search of answers to their hair transplant questions.

Get inspiration from some of our existing clients:

Based on 10 reviews.

Asif Jan

a week ago

I had my hair transplant today at hair plus ,it was a great experience,Dr Nasir Dr imtiaz ,are very competent ,staff was very much caring, operation theatre was clean.I am very much satisfied,and strongly recommend Hair Plus hair transplant centre.

Kashif Khan

2 year ago

My name is Kashif khan ,I am a squash coach ,in UK ,today i undergone hair transplant from HAIR PLUS hair transplant, I found Dr imtiaz Ahmed and Dr Nasir very friendly,all the staff was qualified. OT was well equipped. my hair transplant was without any pain I was very relax through out the procedure, I recommend hair plus,As it's the best place in KP and Pakistan for best results,my many friends including my elder brother arif got excellent result.

Cyra Naz

a year ago

My cousin had a transplant from hair plus and his results were very satisfactory i saw the best results and decided to get my Prp done from here. Hair plus is literally the best. Def. recommending it.

Seyed Hamid Badshah

2 year ago

I am from Peshawar, living in England. last week, hair plus international did my 2nd transplant and Alhamdulillah my transplant was as good as the first one I did back in 2016, In Sha Allah the result will be good as the previous one. I really recommend them, and thanks to all staff at Hair plus international. Especially, Yasir saab, and all clinical staffs and doctors. May Allah bless you all.

Habib Khan

2 year ago

I am one of hair plus satisfied client,it was a very good experience, very nice staff,Doctors are very experienced,I recommend hair plus specially for natural hair line.Hair Plus International is a Hair Transplant clinic with highly experienced professionals. Its KPK's leading Hair Transplant clinic. Specially Dr Nasir has thousands of satisfied clients.

Abiola Atobatele

3 weeks ago

Best place for hair treatment, amazing doctors and facilities. Truly world class

Taimour Khan

a year ago

I am satisfied with my result even my donor area was not so good. I am hair plus happy client, recommended many friend and family members.

Ishtiaq Ahmad Khan

a year ago

They are the best in Rawalpindi Islamabad and Peshawar region. They are known to me for 10+ years and they are very professional. Mr. Amir is a great personality and friendly to his customers. I highly recommend hair plus. Keep up the good work!

Sheikh Mudassar

a week ago

Satisfied with my fue hair transplant.

Khizar Hayat

a year ago

Hair Plus International is the best Hair Transplant Center in KPK with professional and highly experienced surgeons such Dr Nasir. Hair Plus have thousands of satisfied clients in Pakistan and the neighbouring countries as well.

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Combining Surgical Proficiency with State-of-the-art Technology

At Hair Plus International, we offer a wide range of hair loss treatments from FUE hair transplants to improve your hairline or fill up the bald patches, to beard and eyebrow transplants to conceal those acne scars.

If you have noticed you are losing more hair than normal or struggling with Androgenetic Alopecia (commonly referred as Male Pattern Baldness), we have got you covered.

But hair transplants aren’t just for men, at Hair Plus International we also offer a range of female hair loss treatments and eyebrow transplants to help restore volume to over-plucked brows.

We understand that hair loss can be a very emotional phase for anyone struggling with it and seeking ways to curb this process can be a challenge. Take a peek into how and what we are doing to help you gain back your confidence:

It’s normal to lose up to 100 hairs on a daily average. If you think you are losing more
hair than the normal count, seeking early treatment can make a BIG difference.

Don’t Fall Prey to Un-proven Treatments and Scams

Unfortunately, about 50% of the population experiences some degree of hair loss at some point in their life, and that is mixed population, not just men. In fact, according to research, by the age of 50, one in two men and, similarly, one in two women, suffer from androgenic alopecia that manifests itself in form of a receding hairline or diffusing hair volume, and thinning crown.

Just because a large number of people are affected by the condition, there is an increasing range of treatments and products available on the market that fake promise to restore your hair. Make sure you are not falling prey to quack hair transplant surgeons or any fake hair loss treatments.

Our Process

Our team of hair transplant specialists have been involved in the hair restoration industry since 2013 and through this time we have refined our process to treat each client of ours according to their individual hair loss treatment needs. We aim to get to know, understand and set expectations for what can and can’t be done based on the amount of follicles available from the donor area.

1) Initial Enquiry

All patients can enquire via email, telephone, social media and website form. Here we verify if you qualify for treatment before proceeding further – it’s a free service we provide for our clients who want great results without any hassle or stress.

2) Consultation

For clients that qualify, the next step is a consultation with our clinical director Kevin. Before COVID we used to do a lot of face to face consultations, however the vast majority of our consultations are currently virtual (over zoom/skype/facebook messenger). Here we will assess your head from donor area to the areas of hair loss that need treatment.

3) Treatment Options

Post consultation hair loss treatment options will be discussed with you as well as pricing and any finance options available. We know that it’s a big decision to make and so we will provide all of this documentation via email and then you are in the driving seat of when you with to proceed, be it for an fue hair transplant or prp therapy.

4) Decision and Preparation

Once you have decided to go ahead with the treatment outlined in your consultation, our team will help you prepare for your treatment.

5) Day of Your Treatment

You will be greeted by our team at our clinic on the day of your treatment. You will also meet with and speak with dr. Kalra and our tech team prior to your hair loss surgery. Depending on the amount of grafts that you require, your surgery can last from 3-8 hours. All our procedures are carried out by dr. Kalra himself along with our technicians that assist him.

6) Aftercare and follow ups

All the aftercare instructions will be given to you post procedure by dr. Kalra. He will also go through what you should expect within the first few of weeks post treatment at which time you can also contact our team if you have any further questions. Our clinical director Kevin will also be following up with you in order to check how your hair is growing back and how you are progressing in general. Our aim is to provide the best possible service to you. We know we have achieved this when our work is not noticed and the natural look is achieved.

About Us

Dr. Nasir Hayat Khan

Having spent over 12 years as one of the lead surgeons at Hair Plus International, Dr. Nasir Hayat Khan is known for his long-standing commitment to the field of surgical hair restoration and Plastic and Reconstructive surgery.

He is one of the pioneers of modern-day practices and techniques of hair transplant in Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa (KPK). He has served as Consultant Plastic Surgeon in public sector hospital benefiting thousands of patients. He has done his fellowship degree in plastic surgery from College of Physician and Surgeon Pakistan (FCPS Plastic Surgery).

He is the Member of Pakistan Association of Plastic Surgeons and Founding Member of the Hair Restoration Society of Pakistan (HRSP).

Dr. Nasir remained part of many conferences and workshops over the past 10 years to keep himself well versed with latest techniques and concepts in hair transplant and Plastic Surgery. He also remained part of the workshops to share his experiences with the colleagues in his field.

He’s fully trained to perform Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) procedures, as well as PRP Treatment, which have all been proven to achieve effective results in the form of thousands of satisfied clients.

Dr. Nasir is not only recognized worldwide for achieving the most natural-looking results for his clients but is also one of the most respected Celebrity Hair Transplant Surgeons in Pakistan.

Catch him on LinkedIn to stay posted with all the latest he’s up to.

Dr. Fawad Amir Mirza

Dr. Fawad Amir is the senior most Consultant Surgeon of Punjab. He graduated from Rawalpindi Medical College in the year 1984 and completed his fellowship of General Surgery in the year 1990. He has been providing his exceptional services as a General Surgeon for the past 32 years in the most well-known hospitals of Pakistan including Mayo Hospital Lahore, PIMS, BBH, and Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi.

He is one of the senior surgeons of hair transplant and he served thousands of patients in the field for the past 22 years. His excellent results of Hair Transplant have placed thousands of patients nationwide as well as attracted many internationally.

Dr. Fawad Amir with his team believe in providing patients with exceptional results through the perspective of a surgeon as well as providing best care for their health through his 38 years’ experience of a doctor.

Dr. Mahnoor Tahir

Dr. Mahnoor Tahir completed her MBBS degree from Islamabad Medical and Dental College. After completing her house job from ANTH, she registered on a GP with PMDC. Her interest in surgery and dermatology led her to becoming an Aesthetic Physician.

She is trained by the most well-known international trainers in the field of aesthetics, amongst whom are Dr. Matt Stefaneli (Paris), Dr. Andrews (Paris) and Dr. Bilal Javed Malik (UK).

She has completed several certifications in Aesthetics as well as in the field of medicine from American Heart Association, iClan Academy (UAE) and Sculpted (UK).

She uses her skills as a GP along with her expertise as an Aesthetic Physician to provide the best medical care and the best results during hair transplant surgeries

Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed

Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed is one of the most highly regarded hair transplant surgeons in Pakistan. After completing his MBBS from the Khyber Medical University he served at the Khyber Teaching Hospital. Currently, he works as a Senior Medical Officer at the Molvi Jee Hospital in Peshawar and spends most of his time as Hair Plus International’s Hair Transplant Surgeon.

His unflinching dedication to the fields of hair restoration is what makes him one of the Pakistan’s most sought-after hair transplant surgeons. He is known for achieving the most natural looking hairlines for his clients and helping hundreds and thousands of people rejuvenate their look—and renew their confidence.

A Wealth of Experience

We have a well-established team of doctors and surgeons, supported by highly trained technicians with a wealth of experience. All of our surgeons are Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) register so you can rest assured you will receive a best in class service.

Nationwide Clinics

Our clinics offer treatments all across the Pakistan with flexible appointment times. Both of our clinics are meeting the highest medical standards and both are registered with health care commission. Find your closest Hair Transplant Clinic below.

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